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Announcements:  Sept. 19th – Sept 26th,  2018

  • Students owing participation fees; Payton Prado, Erin Kadlecek. 
  • Student's parking lot is located West of the Old Auditorium. Please DO NOT park in front of Lister or the Elementary.
  • There will be a speech meeting tomorrow at lunch in the dl lab. This week we will be discussing the event of humorous prose.
  • Homecoming date sign up sheets for the Homecoming dance are located in the boxes outside the office window. Please fill out and return to office by Monday Sept 24th. Just a reminder, ineligibility will count!!
  • Homecoming is coming next week. Poster theme is "Hawk Nation", poster size 4x6, but can hang over the edge. Posters have to be hung in Lister by Wednesday 9/26 for judging. Winners will be announced during the Pep rally. Dress up days are:  Monday 9/24:Jocks and Nerds Day. Bring your letterman's jacket and your pocket protectors. This day is for you! Monday after practice - Softball game for the high school students at the softball field. Tuesday: Hillbilly Hootenally. FInd your inner hillbilly and show your stuff!   Wednesday: Dress like your favorite teacher/student. Have a teacher/student that inspires you? Dress like that teacher! Thursday: Hay Springs HAWKS Pride Day/Hat and Jersey Day. Show us your school pride!!! Coronation in the Old Auditorium at 2:30pm. Pep rally dowtown following Coronation. Evening Bonfire! Let's show some school spirit. We want to see everyone's school spirit from Preschool all the way to 12th grade. Dance for 9th - 12th grade following the bonfire until midnight.

Wednesday, Sept 19th

6:00 am - JH & HS XC practice

7:30 am - Brkfst - Pancakes

8:05 am - Hawk Talk

Lunch - Turkey Sandwich/BLT Wraps

Lunch - FCA Huddle

4:30 pm - Cross Country pictures

4:30 - 6:00 pm - JH VB, JH FB, HS VB and HS FB practice

Thursday, Sept 20th

6:00 am - JH & HS XC practice

7:30 am - Brkfst - Sliders

Lunch - Chicken Fajita/Chicken Nuggets

1:30 pm - Leave time for HS VB @ Leyton Tri. (Start time 4:30 pm)

3:15 pm - Leave time for JH FB @ Hemingford (Start time 5pm)

4:00 pm - Leave time for JH/HS XC @ Gordon/Rushville Golf course

4:30 - 6:30 pm - JH VB, HS FB practice

Friday, Sept 21st

9:00 am - Leave time for HS VB/FB @ Cody-Kilgore. (Start time FB 1:00 pm/VB 4:30 pm)

Saturday, Sept 22nd

7:00 am - Leave time for JH VB PANCO @ Sioux County. Hay Springs will play game #1 at 9:00 am (schedule on website)

7:15 am - Leave for HS VB @ Mitchell Invite. Hay Springs will play at 10 am.

Monday, Sept 24th

Homecoming Week

Dress up Day: Jocks and Nerds Day; Bring out your letterman jacket and your pocket protector

6:00 am - JH & HS XC practice

7:30 am - French Toast Sticks

11:30 am - Leave time for JH FB/VB @ Sioux County - (Start time FB - 2:00 pm, VB - 3:30 pm)

Lunch - Chicken N Noodle

4:30 - 6:30 pm -  HS VB and HS FB practice

Softball game at Baseball fields

Tuesday, Sept 25th

Dress Up Day: Hillbilly Hootenally

6:00 am - JH & HS XC practice

6:30 am - Leave time for Digital Symposium (Aydon, Jaelyn, Jordyn and Ava)

7:30 am - Brkfst - Cinnamon Roll/Eggs

Lunch - Taco Casserole/Walking Taco

4:30 - 6:30 pm - JH VB, JH FB, HS VB and HS FB practice

Wednesday, Sept. 26th

Dress up Day: Dress like your favorite teacher/student day. 

6:00 am - JH & HS XC practice

7:30 am - Brkfst - Pancake on a Stick

Lunch -  Breaded Beef Patty






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