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Announcements:  May 23rd – May 23rd, 2019

  • Summer School will run June 10th - June 28th. Monday through Friday. 8 to 1pm
  • Summer Breakfast and Lunch program will run June 2nd through the summer.
  • Hot lunch, Library, classroom fines and uniform fines need to be paid before you will be signed out.
  • Today's class schedule will not be adjusted. 7th hour will meet after the talent show. Teachers have been instructed to not sign checkout sheets until class time. If you wish to not attend the talent show you can stay in class and work on extra work. Teachers will not sign you out early unless you have a super pass that has not already been used and we have heard from parents. Students are not allowed to leave for lunch unless you have a super pass and we have heard from parents. 
  • HS Students if you haven't turned in your registration form do so asap.
  • The Talent Show/ Excellence in Teaching presentation/ Hawk Buck presentation will begin at 2:15 pm in the Old Auditorium

Activity News:


  • A very special Thank you goes to Tess Hinn w/Hinn Ranch and Zach Kraenow W/ ZKCC  for their generous beef donation for our Beef to School program! Also a huge thank you to the Brian Forney family for the transportation of the beef to the school.
  • With the cooler weather now upon us, please remember to dress your students appropriately for the weather conditions when sending them to school. All Elementary students go outside for recess, and we want each and every one of them to be warm when having fun outside. Long pants, jackets, hats, and gloves, all help to keep our students comfortable and safe as they enjoy their outside time.
  • All equipment and uniforms must be checked in before you will be allowed to participate in a contest for the following sport.
  • Just a reminder - If you are ineligible for the week and do not get signed out, you are REQUIRED to attend Friday School. To get signed off you must have grades up to C's or better.
  • Announcement - No Food in the DL Lab until further notice

Thursday, May 23rd


7:30 am - Brkfst - Cooks Choice

Lunch - Grilled Beef to School Burgers

2:15 pm - Talent Show/Excellence In Teaching/ Hawk Buck Presentation







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