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Announcements - Dec. 13th - Dec. 21st

  • Jett Rasmussen you owe $55 for participation fee.
  • 7th graders be at the BB game on Saturday by 4:30, for our fundraisers.
  • 6-12 Teachers please get Jodie your questions for Kahoot by Monday, Dec. 18th.
  • Since the food drive has struggled this year.  Students were asked what a good incentive would be.  They responded with time off! So, if the class hits the goal of an average of 10 cans per student, that class will get out of school one hour early on December 21st, the class that brings in the most items per student will get out of school 2 hours early on the 21st.  Your class can opt for the money incentive instead. 
    Staff, if we meet our goal, we will get a one hour late start on an in-service day.
    We are going to extend the drive through Monday the 18th.  
  • The Hawk Store will be open on Thursday, Dec. 14th from 4:15 - 5:55 pm for the those last minute shopping needs. Come stop by!!
  • Reminder to all players and coaches: Please help out Ricky and keep the locker rooms cleaned up every night.
  • Reminder to ALL STUDENTS: In honor our schools "Hats Off Policy", Students are not to have your hats on in the building, If your are told to remove your have and do not respect the request you will have your hat taken away until the end of the day. The second offense will merit you an extra hour to learn in Mr. Lechtenberg's office. Students are expected to honor the requests of All staff members.
  • ML/HS Students reminder - There are to be NO DRINKS (Juice,Milk) in the pit in the cafeteria, if you are caught with one you will be washing tables.
  • **Reminder to parents during all sporting events: For safety reasons please keep all children seated in bleachers during games. Thank you!**


  • *****G/B BB game Sat, 12/16 home vs McPherson Cnty will begin at 4:30 pm. NO B/JV. Order will go: 2 quarters of G/JV, Varsity will begin at 5:30.*****
  • B/BB Holiday Tournament in Sioux County on Dec. 21st - Hay Springs plays game #2 vs. Crawford at 3:45 for rest of the schedule see the website.


Wednesday, December 13th

5:30 am - Leave time for Health Professions Club

7:30 am - Brkfst - Pancake on a Stick

Lunch - Variety of Soups

4:30 - 6:00 pm - Combined B/GBB Practice, JH/HS WR, JH G/BB practice

Thursday, December 14th

7:30 am - Brkfst - Sausage/Hash Browns

7:45 am - Journalism to KCSR

Lunch - Meat Loaf/Cheesy Potato

5:00 pm - JH G/BB home vs. Morrill

6:00 pm - Preschool Family Night

4:30 pm - JH B/BB Practice

Saturday, December 16th

HS WR @ Bridgeport

4:30 pm - G/B BB home vs McPherson County NO B/JV. Order will go: 2 quarters of G/JV, Varsity will begin at 5:30.

Monday, December 18th

7:30 am - Brkfst - Egg and Sausage Biscuit

10:15 am - HS Choir to Pioneer Manor

Lunch - Beef N Cheddar Sandwich/Tator Tots

12:30 pm - Bubba (National Guard Recruiter)

4:30 - 6:15 pm - Boys Early Practice, JH/HS WR, JH B/BB practice
5:15 - 7:00 pm - Girls Late practice

Tuesday, December 19th

7:30 am - Brkfst - Easy Breakfast Casserole

Lunch - Chicken Fajita

3:00 pm - HS G/B BB home vs. Oelrichs

4:30 - 6:15 pm - JH/HS WR, JH B/BB practice

Wednesday, December 20th

7:30 am - Brkfst - Egg & Ham Biscuit

9:00 am - Food Drive Basket Delivery

Lunch - Hamburgers

Thursday, December 21st

Quarter 2 Ends

7:30 am - Cinnamon Roll

Lunch  - Christmas Dinner - Ham/Turkey/Potato/Strawberry Shortcake

2:00 pm - 1,2,3 to Pioneer Manor

1:00 pm - Leave time for B/BB Holiday Tournament @ S. County - Hay Springs plays game #2 at 3:45 pm vs. Crawford (bracket is posted on website)

Friday, December 22nd - Jan. 1st - Christmas Break 



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